Monday, 14 September 2009

Weightloss week 1

So this is rather scary. I mean admitting to the world that you're overweight is always going to be a little scary and then actually telling everyone how much I actually weigh is even worse!
So here are the facts:
My starting weight is 11st13
Height 5ft8
My goal is to get down to 11st by Christmas and then to 10st7 by my birthday which is the 9th of March.
How excatly am I going to achieve this mission you ask? By cutting out all the crap bascially. A short history of my relationship with food would tell you all that I am a huge OVER eater and when I say over I mean way over the hill and down the valley! I love love love food and everything about it. I love tasting new and exciting things. I don't want to cut this out but I want to cut out eating crap. Like feeling like I have to have the Large popcorn everytime I go to the movies (not good).
I am also going to keep a food diary of everything that I consume so I can keep a track of what I am putting into my body.
I have also started running for half an hour and walking another half an hour like my mum says its all about eating less and moving more!!
So with this blog I am going to try and document my change in not only diet but lifestyle.
so wish me luck
B xxx

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