Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Ryvita and cottage cheese

Day 2
Total Calories today- 1400

So its day 2 of my diet. I'm still on the wagon and whats keeping on well and truly on. Well not only the fact that I weigh the heaviest I have ever weighed in my 21 years but Ryvita nd cottage cheese. The thing I hate about dieting is the not being able to snack. Snacking is my Fave thing ever to do and I look forward to it so today in the supermarket I was on the hunt for a healthy snack that wasn't just fruit (which I love too) so I was mulling through the aisles and I spotted Ryvita. Now I haven't had this since I was about 14 and I remember not really liking them that much. So I thought I would team it with one of my fave healthy things ever Cottage Cheese (Low Fat of course) and I love it. Its A) low in Calories and B) so filling. The one thing I have with diets is that I always feel hungry ALWAYS but so far and I know its day too I'm doing ok. But I think too what helps is that I am drinking a lot more water so that really helps. I'm am desperately looking for new and different recipes so please send them my way.
So I'll update you guys tomorrow on how I'm doing!
So far so good

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