Monday, 21 September 2009

Weigh in 2

So its Monday and what does that mean????? Weeeiiiggghhh in!!
I was a little nervous because I feel like I've worked so hard and I didn't want to be disappointed. But guess what I now weigh 11st8 which is a loss of 5 lbs!!! I couldn'tbelieve it I got on and off the scale about 3 times just to be sure. I think maybe I Had a little water retention as it was around my girls time when I weighed myself last time. I'm just really pleased. Is such a great boost to keep going. My original plan was to loose a lb and a half every week which I think is more than realistic and that's what I am going to aim for.
So I just thought I would update you all (if anyone is reading this)
Love always
B xxxx

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